Poker Game Development In India



                            Let players play your game
    directly from their web browser.


    Build your own poker game and let
    players download it from the App Stores.



    Manage every aspect of the
    game with our beautiful Back-Office.


Buy the source code that works on all devices.

 Voice Chat

Voice Chat

Players on a table can talk to each other live as they play.


Players can create their own clubs for other players to join and compete.


Players can compete in season games to earn chips and ranking.


Automated system emails and message centre.



Downloadable on the App Store or Google Play Store.


Sell chips, gold or other items as in-app purchases.


Play directly from any web browser on desktop and mobile.


Multi-table tournaments can be scheduled to run automatically.



Turn on Bots and your tables will never be empty.


Control every aspect of your game with the online Back-Office.


Secure the entire system with industry standard SSL encryption.
12 Months Support

12 Months Support

FREE 12 Months Support included with every license of our source code.
  • Unity 3D
  • iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, Linux and WebGL game interface using Unity 3D

  • HTML5
  • HTML5 version using Adobe Animate with interfaces for Desktop and Mobile

    Multi-Table Tournaments
  • Multi-table tournaments with unlimited tables per tournament
  • Push Notifications
  • Push notifications to mobile devices

  • Payout Structure
  • payout structure for multi-table tournaments

  • Blind Structure
  • blind structure for multi-table tournaments

  • Dealer Voice
  • Dealer announces game play

  • Voice Chat
  • Player Voice Chat. Players can chat on any table by talking into their phone ( Only for mobile platform for now)

  • Artificial Bots
  • Artificially intelligent bots. Bots can be enabled or disabled for any table or multitable tournament

  • Rake Fee
  • Rake Fee for any table or multi-table tournament

  • Tournament Scheduling
  • Multi-table tournaments can run on schedules

  • Players can create or join Clubs.
  • Clubs require players use Club Chips to play in Club games. Club chips can only be given to Players by Club Admin or Club Manager.
    Club Players can cashout their Club Chips with the Club Admin or Club Managers
    Clubs can create Multi-table tournaments

  • Seasons
  • Season functionality. Seasons can be configured to start and end at a specific time. Players win Season rewards. Seasons are a heads-up battle against another player.
    Seasons or Multi-table tournaments.

    Profile Levels
  • Added Levels. Players win level points based on how many players they beat in a hand.
  • Tables can be locked to a Level. Players must be at that level or higher to play.
  • Player system notifications inbox. Any system notifications go into the player’s inbox for them to read and check at any time.
  • Daily Award
  • Configurable Daily chip award. If player logs in for the first time for the day they are awarded chips.

  • Send Chips
  • Players can send chips to other players

  • Currency
  • Add second currency type (Symbol/object).

  • Inside Game Ads
  • Inside notifications and ads.

  • Social media Integration

  • Add friends and invite friends to play via Facebook
    Login with Facebook,twiter,insta
    Use Facebook profile picture as avatar
    Players country flag is show throughout the game
    Localisation : apply any language by supplying a language file
    Player’s country will be recorded and language is automatically select. Players can choose their language preference.
    Emojies: Players can apply an emoticon to their player on a table

  • Payment Gateways
  • Any bank or Payment gateway can be assembled.

  • Design breakdown:
  • Table 6 seats and 9 seats 2d No animation
    Cards 52 2d No animation
    Avatars 4-5 2d No animation
    Screens 11 2d With effects
    Popups 29 2d With effects

    And many more…

Game Architecture

Game Engine

The Game Engine controls the progression of the game. It handles the entire logic of the game and the progress of hands and multi-table tournaments. We will use a single MYSQL connection on the Game Engine which will do all the work for us. The Game Engine is scalable to handle large integrations. We will use the High End Compute Engine for this service.

A single node process runs continuously to handle all game logic. The process uses a single MYSQL connection from the Compute Engine (Game Engine) to the central MYSQL database server.

This method controls the load on the Game Engine and MYSQL database and keeps resources available to other services.

Socket Engine

The Socket Engine allows players to connect to the Game Engine. The Socket Engine uses a single MYSQL connection to handle all player requests. Players receive game updates via the Socket Engine as game play changes. The Socket Engine is also scalable to handle large integrations. We will use the high end Compute Engine for this service behind an SSL Load Balancer for truly global scalability and security.

A single node process runs continuously to handle all player connections. The Compute Engine (Socket Engine) will scale automatically to improve response times under heavy load.

The SSL Load balancer will automatically distribute players to available Socket Engines in the player’s closest region. This limits lag time and helps utilize the Socket Engines available in a region so not all players in that region are pushed to one Socket Engine instance in that region.

Any highendengine Cloud SSL Load balancing takes care of routing players to their closest Socket Engine and the least utilized Socket Engine in that region if the region has more than one Socket Engine instance.

Admin Panel

The Back-Office allows administrators to manage the entire game. You can create tables, multi-table tournaments, view reports, and adjust game settings and much more. We will use the google App Engine for this service.

User/Game Interfaces

All Game Interfaces connect to the Socket Engine. We will have 2 types of Game Interfaces, Unity 3D and PHP/html5. Unity 3D builds apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, OSX, Linux and WebGL. HTML5/php builds web-apps for Desktop and Mobile web browsers. We use Adobe Animate/codeignitor to build our HTML5/php interfaces.

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